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The Abbey Yard - A Summary

The Abbey Yard is an original story based upon the life of Sarah Holden Mahon, 1903-1996. Sarah Mahon was born in Graignamanagh, County Kilkenny, Ireland and died in Rockland County, New York. Research for The Abbey Yard commenced in 1986.

The Abbey Yard is set just before the 1916 Irish uprising as Sadie Connelly is coming of age in an ancient, Irish village. She is precocious girl of 13 that is being raised by her aunt Maeve since her mother's death in childbirth and her father's mysterious disappearance. Curious about the fate of her father, Sadie ventures into a forbidden place, the old cemetery surrounding the town's 13th century monastery. There she encounters a mysterious man and her description of him sets off a frenzy of activity throughout the town and sparks an impassioned search that fails to turn up any living thing, but unearths shocking local scandals, nationalistic passions, theological doubt, and the enduring mysteries that crowd the Irish twilight. Sadie and the endearing characters of The Abbey Yard confront the ghosts of their cultural past as well as all the wild creatures of Celtic Mythology that walk and talk in the Irish night.

The Abbey Yard by Patricia M. Mahon is a Period-Fantasy and a multi-genre work. The Stage Play was produced at The Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles in 2000. It featured original Irish music and enjoyed a full six week run.

The Screenplay was written in 2004 and is a multi-contest winner and festival honoree. Screenwriting awards include:

  • Winner: Platinum Remi Award World Fest - Houston Int'l Film Festival 2005
  • Finalist: PAGE Screenwriting Award 2007
  • Quarter Finalist: FilmMakers Int'l Screenwriting Competition 2007
  • Semi-Finalist: European Independent Film Festival - Paris 2008
  • Finalist: The London Independent Film Festival 2008
  • Preliminary Finalist: Creative World Awards, 2009
  • Semi-Finalist: Gotham Screen, 2009
  • Official Selection - Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2010

The novel was completed in 2010 and features new Celtic mythological creatures rarely explored in contemporary writing.

The Abbey Yard © 2004, 2009